New Build Roofing

Roofing A New Build House

Putting roofing on a house, is, after the foundations, the architect’s next biggest challenge, to provide a roof suitable for the house, in style, in keeping, and in budget.

Almost all new houses will carry a pitched roof and its complex, or otherwise, construction will be determined by the finishing material on the exterior of the roof.

It will be one of the most dominant features of the house, and the covering will determine the style and outlook of the finished build.

There are two basic shapes that most roofs are designed to in this day and age, they are gable and Continue reading New Build Roofing

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

How To Apply Search Engine Optimization

Many website owners know that they need search engine optimization (seo) to attract organic search engine traffic but fail to grasp all of the intricacies necessary to build and develop a website that is worthy of ranking in the top ten, let alone in the top position for competitve search terms.

SEO is a complex process with many opportunities to trip one of the many quality filters that work together to filter the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

Each of these filters works like a yes / no switch for inclusion within Googles main index. If your website fails any of these filters then you drop out of the listings so you need to Continue reading Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Reckless Speeding – Keep Your Speed Down

Keep Your Speed Down

Speeding is the most common motoring offence in Britain, at a rate that shows no slowing down! The question to muse upon is, are British motorists a nation of reckless speedsters, or is the apparatus to catch them in place, highly specialised, state of the art technology. It is likely we would all agree on the latter.

A look at some of these technological wonders may go to show why the chances of Continue reading Reckless Speeding – Keep Your Speed Down